How to Scale your eCommerce Business

Starting your own eCommerce business is an exciting adventure with limitless opportunities, thanks to the billions of individuals that use the internet across the world. Many eCommerce businesses have gone viral and grown in scale as a result of the correct content and methods, and the more your business expands, the more recognizable it gets and the simpler it is to generate sales.

Scaling a business is a significant step for any eCommerce company and may be a challenging process. Even if your business is growing on its own, there are many things you must do to stay up with this growth.

When to Scale your eCommerce Business

Scaling an ecommerce business can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. However, it is often a huge challenge, especially if you are managing product creation, customer service and your website all on your own. You’re making all of these decisions on a daily basis, so it can be hard to tell when to stop and move onto something else.

Choosing to scale your company is a major choice and a huge task. It is critical that you do not try to grow your business too early in its lifecycle. Trying to grow your business before you’ve established a strong foundation is a typical error that may be catastrophic. Without the capacity to maximize income, achieving a favorable return on investment (ROI) may be very tough.

It is critical to remember that you will never be completely finished expanding your business. To secure the life of your company, you will continually redesign, adjust, expand, and build on your work.


Build a Strong eCommerce Foundation

The first move to effectively scaling your eCommerce business is to establish a strong foundation. A weak foundation, like a bad home, will lead to tragedy. Even if you have already started your company and are making a profit, it is never too late to evaluate your foundation to ensure you have the proper infrastructure in place.

Here are the key areas to consider to guarantee your eCommerce business’s foundation is strong and ready for expansion.

Create a Great Marketing Campaign for your eCommerce Business

Creating a strong marketing campaign, whether you’re trying to acquire new customers or improve the lifetime value of your existing ones is crucial to business success. A well-designed marketing campaign can help you gain more sales and profits and build customer loyalty.

Optimize your Website SEO

Having an optimized site is essential for any eCommerce business owner or online entrepreneur. We know now, more than ever before, that search engines are the number 1 source of traffic for businesses. This will give you an edge in ranking over your competitors, but it isn’t something that you can do overnight.

The benefit of investing in SEO is that you will be making your site more user-friendly for your customers, which will improve sales.

Customer Journey is Key

Understanding the Customer Journey is crucial to your eCommerce site. Learn the best strategies to understand the buyer’s journey and create a remarkable customer experience using behavioral Marketing. It will significantly help you increase: sales, engagement, open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and it will empower you to make data-driven decisions for your website that let you easily meet the ever-changing expectations of online customers.

Create a Fantastic Customer Service Plan

 Every customer service strategy, be it in eCommerce or any other type of organization, should center around the customers and their happiness. This is because satisfied customers are more loyal and have a higher propensity to recommend your products to their friends. So basically, high-quality customer service can drive high-quality growth too!

Use Google Ads to Boost eCommerce Traffic and Sales

With over 1.4 billion people using Google everyday, it is safe to say that your customers are probably there. If you’re looking to grow your brand and sales, you should consider using Google Ads.

Include Google Shopping & Google Search campaigns to boost traffic and conversions.

Have a Well-Thought-Out Sales Funnel

A strong eCommerce sales funnel can be separated into two key goals: acquiring new clients to your site and keeping existing ones. Attracting new clients involves three major stages: awareness, interest, and decision.

Re-evaluate Software your eCommerce uses

Ecommerce businesses are always looking for ways to grow their brand. One of the best ways to do this is by leveraging software that can help automate several day-to-day tasks and make your business more efficient. One of the reasons why companies decide to outsource their eCommerce needs is because they are looking for a company that has experience in creating functional software. A functional software solution that has the right mix of features, functionality, and customer support will help your business grow.

Develop Automation and Momentum-driving Strategies

While a solid foundation is essential, eCommerce entrepreneurs must also grasp the importance of being able to modify and adjust as their business expands. Your workforce and technology will need to develop in conjunction with your company as it grows.

Compile Feedback from Customers

One of the best ways to learn more about your customers and build relationships with them is through customer feedback. Unfortunately, most ecommerce store owners have no idea how to successfully collect and utilize customer feedback, nor do they understand that collecting customer feedback can make a big difference to growth. Most of us typically think that customer feedback is only important for making improvements to our products or service but in reality, this information also serves as an effective marketing tool that can help boost sales and make your business surge.

Develop Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing helps to revive the drop off rates from your ecommerce. This is a great way to create an attractive alternative for your customers. Remember, it’s about clear and compelling messaging and letting the user know what next steps you can offer them to increase the chances of conversion. Remarketing is a great way to keep track of where your customers have been by tracking their actions in order to create customized messages for them. Use Google & Facebook Remarketing Campaigns.

As Much As Possible, Automate your  eCommerce

If you want to expand your eCommerce business while being as lean as possible, you should automate as much as feasible. This can range from automated emails to more complex systems, such as automating your PPC campaign. Every business is unique, therefore the objective is to find as many areas of your organization as possible that you can automate to help it grow.

Outsourcing: A Brilliant Idea!

Businesses that have been around for a while and are successful, have all one thing in common – they have allowed themselves to grow by outsourcing. By partnering with other companies or individuals, your business can focus on what it is good at, while the partner takes care of the rest.Outsourcing is not a shortcut – it is a process that will help you grow your business and improve productivity

Increase Your Workforce

While outsourcing and automation can help you scale your company, as it grows, you will most certainly require a larger workforce. Many eCommerce enterprises start with a small workforce that juggles many jobs. The issue is that having several jobs diverts attention and prevents your team from accomplishing what they do best.

As your company expands, you should consider splitting these responsibilities or creating new ones and hiring additional employees to fill them. This enables each member of your team to concentrate on what they do best and, as a result, be more productive.

Track Everything & Adjust

Tracking is probably the most important step in growing your ecommerce business. When you track your progress properly, you can measure your success, look at possible issues, and draw conclusions of what to do next.

You can use Radix to Analyze and Track multiple eCommerce KPIs.  You can create your free account here.


Scalability is the most overlooked quality of an eCommerce business.The business might be successful in terms of customer acquisition but if it cannot be scaled its potential is limited.

It’s vital to have a scalable business model so that it will eventually have the ability to attract investments and grow further.

Put scalability at the core of your eCommerce business model and make sure you have the necessary tools/platforms in place from day 1 as you never know when you will get the opportunity to acquire investments.

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