Forecast & Simulate

Make better financial and budgeting decisions based on your revenue data.


The process of forecasting helps you keep your business under control by predicting growth or risks.

  • Predict your future MRR and Active Subscriptions for the next 3, 6, and 9 months.
  • Identify seasonal patterns based on your forecasts.
  • Implement real-time action plans in an attempt to be proactive rather than reactive.


This tool was developed to help you set more attainable goals. 

  • By adjusting your KPIs performance based on your goal, you can model your growth.
  • Simulating your KPIs can help you set more attainable goals.

GET TO KNOW your business past, present, and future performance.

  • Seasonality is taken into account by our algorithms to produce more accurate forecasts.
  • Business trends are analyzed quarterly in order to detect irregular events that could cause ups and downs in your business.
  • Predict and simulate income, subscriptions, and other KPIs.