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How to Turn a One-Time Customer into a Subscriber | Radix Method

Online subscription services have taken the internet by storm. One of the main benefits they offer is that they allow you to attract repeat customers; people who are interested enough in your product or service to continue buying from you regularly. To do this effectively, it’s important to understand how to turn a one-time customer into a subscriber.

In 2022, email marketing is still relevant. It’s a fantastic approach to stay in touch with your consumers and ensure that you’re sending the correct message at the right time. Many new company owners focus on attracting customers, but a subscriber is just as important—they may act as a lead for a sale, or they can be used to test new products or provide feedback. We’ll cover the difference between a customer and a subscriber in this blog, as well as how to convert one into the other.

A customer is a person who buys a product from a company and receives a good or service in return. A subscriber is someone who accepts to receive promotional emails from a company. It’s vital to note that even if you have a customer, you’ll need their consent to contact them again in the future. Subscribers must opt-in to hear from you to do so, and there are several ways to persuade them to do so.

The Top 3 Methods for Converting a Customer into a Subscriber

1) Make your online store more efficient

The optimum time to acquire subscribers is when they’re most engaged with your online business, and the two best areas to do so are your landing page and checkout.

Customers will be more likely to sign up for your newsletter if you have a sign-up form in the header or footer of your website. It’s critical to let them know exactly what they’ll get when they sign up. This might include information about new products or early access to special offers and discounts.

You may also include a checkbox at your checkout that allows customers to sign up while making a purchase. It’s critical to emphasize that customers must finish the checkout process for their subscription preferences to be saved.

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2) Give Special Offers, Coupons, Or Discounts To Your Customers

Deals and discounts are excellent motivators for converting a customer into a subscriber. You can include them in order confirmation emails or through a newsletter signup form. One of the best ways to convince them to become a subscriber and returning customer is to tell them that they will receive a reward.

Here are some examples:

  • Referral promos
  • First-time shopper offer
  • Minimum purchase discount
  • Exclusive social offers
  • Weekly/monthly discounts
  • Prelaunch offers
  • Holiday and seasonal deals
  • Abandoned cart offers
  • Email/newsletter subscription offer
  • Incentives for liking, following, and sharing on social media

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3) On Social Media Platforms, Include a Sign-Up Button

Many customers use social media to keep up with product updates, news, upcoming offers, events, and other information. Don’t overlook these channels as ways to turn a customer into a subscriber. Include call-to-action button so your customers can go directly to a landing page where they can subscribe.

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Use Radix to Track Your Subscription Numbers

If you run a subscription-based business, you probably already know how important it is to track subscriber numbers. So, if you’re looking for a good way to do so, we recommend checking out Radix. It has all of the features that you’d look for in a platform like this, including charts and graphs, data export options, and more.

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