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SaaS and eCommerce companies like you love PayPal! It’s safe, secure, and convenient. You don’t have to include your bank account or credit card number when signing up since it’s all through an online service. 

However, I’m guessing that if you’re running a B2B SaaS company and have some form of recurring billing system in place then most of the time there are many things left out from running a proper analysis on this massive data set.

This article is here to fix that problem by showing you how to do just that for your company using Radix!

Let’s first go over some of the benefits of running a proper analysis of your PayPal customers. You can:

  1. Find out how much revenue each customer is worth to you by identifying what percentage of them come back and purchase again
  2. Understand how many customers are buying from you
  3. identify where you’re losing sales and why

What can you track with Radix?

There are lots of different PayPal Customers metrics that you can track and analyze with our platform. By collecting data, you will be able to identify trends and patterns to improve your business and deliver more value to your customers. These valuable insights can help you make better decisions, increase the success of each transaction, and ultimately drive profitable growth.

Some of the metrics that you can track and analyze in PayPal Customers are:

  • Total Customers
  • Total Customers – Revenue
  • Avg Revenue per Customer
  • Total New Customer
  • Total New Customers

PayPal Customers dashboard

Keeping an eye on metrics related to your customers is super important. Metrics are the key to understanding how you’re doing and what needs to be done to improve. One of the most common problems with the metrics we use is not taking the time to analyze them and see how they compare.

By analyzing your PayPal customers and how that correlates with your revenue, you can be proactive in converting customers into repeat buyers and increase revenue. See how far down the rabbit hole we go.

Finally, In this dashboard you will be able to categorize the types of customers that your company has:

  1. Recurring
  2. One Time

PayPal Customers dashboard 1

In the same way, you can have the list of your 100 best customers (in real-time) in the analyzed time range. You can click on the customer profile and know what has been their customer revenue performance, the amount of payments made, and what type of subscription has

customers paypal

Use Radix to Track and Analyze your PayPal Customers

You can track & analyze these  PayPal customer metrics in real-time with Radix. 

It’s important to be proactive in your efforts to keep customers from churning. With Radix, you can take the next step into successful customer relationship management by identifying at-risk customers and taking action to slow churn before it happens.

With the right data, monitoring your customers’ behavior can provide valuable insights. If you’re not familiar with Radix, now’s a good time to take another look. We are the leading platform for analytics and revenue management, using the power of data to transform businesses.


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