Why do businesses choose Radix over ChartMogul?

When it comes to data revenue software, there aren’t many companies that can compete with Radix. The company’s success doesn’t just come from its innovative platform that was specifically developed for analytics professionals. It also comes from how the company changes the game in terms of what you can expect from these kinds of softwares. With platforms such as ChartMogul on the market, business owners are left wondering if they’re choosing well and investing in the right platform.

Here are five reasons why business owners across industries choose Radix over ChartMogul when it comes to managing their data.

Here are 5 reasons why businesses choose Radix over ChartMogul

1) Recurring and One-time payments

ChartMogul can exclusively assist subscription-based businesses, therefore you won’t be able to analyze one-time payment products or services. Assume you own a business where revenue is divided between recurring payments from subscribing customers and one-time payments from occasional customers. Radix is the ideal answer in that circumstance. We do not leave any payment out of your analysis.

2) Over 100 KPIs to truly understand your business behavior

Data-driven companies are more likely to survive in today’s market. Therefore, we do not limit our platform to the basics, and we give you a full data analytics platform with 55+ KPIs more than ChartMogul. We have dedicated dashboards to analyze your recurring and one-time customers, subscriptions, products, revenue breakdown, business intelligence, and many others features.


3) CRM friendly

We know that you are using other solutions to enhance your day-to-day operation. Therefore we have built a friendly environment by allowing you to label, organize and easily export all your revenue data into your CRM of choice.


4) Radix is more affordable than any other solution in the market. (ChartMogul included)

ChartMogul offers a free plan just like Radix, but the most significant difference is that Radix provides full access to the premium features rather than limiting your account to the basics. We want to grow along with small businesses because we truly understand how difficult this phase is. You can use our premium platform completely free if you are below $10K in monthly revenue, and even if you surpass 10k, we have a plan starting at $49.

Pricing highlights:

  • We do not charge you based on your company transactions unless you process more than 10 thousand
    payments per month.
  • We do not charge based on your historical transactions data. We analyzed since the first payment was
    processed, whether it was 2 years ago or 10 years ago.

5) We are the #1 PayPal data analytics software to analyze revenue data

We have an official partnership with PayPal, which gives us the privilege to serve all its users worldwide. We have worked closely with them to deliver an easy and secure integration in under 5 minutes. You will not find any other solution that allows you to track, organize and analyze your PayPal payments in real-time (Customers, products, subscriptions, and many others). ChartMogul integration with PayPal requires a lot of manual work, because you need to download an Excel/CSV sheet the from PayPal, so then you can submit it manually back to ChartMogul. As you can see this is not an automatic process, and it is really-time consuming. If you want to analyze your PayPal accounts in real-time, you need to try Radix.

I strongly encourage you to create an account on both platforms, use and explore both solutions for a couple of days to compare the accuracy, the chart analysis, the built-in features, share it with your team, and then you can make a better decision on choosing the right solution for your company. You can easily integrate your Stripe and PayPal accounts for free here in less than 5 minutes, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@radixhaven.com. We will be happy to support you.

PayPal MRR 1

Combine your PayPal & Stripe accounts in one sigle dashboard: The Blend

The Radix Team is excited to announce one of most requested feature from our customers; The Blend. But, what is the blend? It simple words you can combine multiple PayPal or Stripe accounts in one-single dashboard to track, analyze, and grow your revenue metrics aggregated.

PayPal Analytics Blend

Keeping your payments, customers, and subscriptions organized with Radix’s new feature will save you countless hours of time in spreadsheets.

Your Revenue Data In the Palm Of Your Hand

Stay organized and focused even where you are not in your office. Keep on track your MRR, Churn, Best-selling products/services in real-time.

PayPal Mobile App

Available on the AppStore & Google Play


Track, Analyze & Grow your Revenue Metrics here!


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Manfred Tijerino
Manfred Tijerino
Founder & CEO of Radix Haven, the software that helps SaaS and eCommerce to grow revenue by providing real-time analysis and tools to improve over +100 business KPIs. Before Radix Haven, Manfred was the Chief Data Scientist for a Virginia-based Online Marketing Agency, and more than ten years in the tech industry.