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Revenue Performance tracking is one of the most important aspects of a healthy business. You need to know your revenue, but you also have expenses you must account for.

To know where you stand and make better decisions, you need accurate information from your Stripe and PayPal accounts,  and then, you need to be able to aggregate that data into meaningful metrics like LTV (month over month growth rate), Churn Rate (Churn Analysis), MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) so that you can begin tracking and improving KPIs such as Customer Retention Rate.

Revenue Performance Tracking is the process through which a business analyzes revenue generators, carefully monitors their performance, and then manipulates the key  variables within business solutions to maximize growth.

revenue performance

Importance of Revenue Performance Tracking

Revenue performance tracking is a great way to track the performance of your sales team. It will show you the various parts of a sale, conversion rates, ways to improve your sales, and much more. Revenue performance tracking helps you understand where your revenue is coming from.

Every business can improve.

 If you have the resources and expertise to analyze a bank of customer and prospect data, you can act on it through revenue performance tracking.

Revenue performance

How to Measure Revenue Performance

  • Gather & Analyze Data

Your revenue performance management efforts would be worthless unless you can efficiently collect and carefully analyze your data.

Collect as much data as possible, whether it’s through form submissions, email insights, website interactions, behavioral trends, or any other information you can get from your contacts with prospects and customers.

Once you’ve obtained a substantial amount of data, begin extensively analyzing it, searching for historical trends, hitches between phases of your sales process, and any other indicators of previous or future underperformance.

  • Examine Lead Generation & Lead Quality Closely

Once you’ve gathered your data, pay close attention to how your leads are generated, the conversion rates of your marketing materials, how your leads are managed, and any notable gaps that may suggest that any of those parts is inefficient.

Revenue performance tracking is all about eliminating fat and focusing on the appropriate prospects — segmenting to guarantee you’re getting the most out of your sales and marketing efforts.

You’re aiming to find prospective customers whose needs correspond with your solution; evaluating whether you’re truly getting there begins with understanding how your leads are paying off.

  • Identify Opportunities For Improvement Using Relevant Metrics

With your data and lead insights in hand, you can begin to discover where your sales and marketing efforts are failing. KPIs such as customer conversion rate, sales win rate, free trial conversion rate and other indicators that show how effectively you can move prospects through your sales process may give a good foundation for overall sales and marketing improvement.

Revenue Performance Best Practices

Revenue Performance Tracking, as a business strategy, needs the correct mix of people, processes, and technology to deliver revenue growth. Marketing software is one enabling technology, but it is not the only one. After all, companies use a wide range of revenue-generating technologies and services, from social media tracking tools to website analytics and sales force automation. But, much more crucial than investing in technology, is the establishment of widely approved and adhered to business practices.

The four business practices listed below are essential for a successful revenue management strategy:

  • Using deep analytics to make data actionable.
  • Creating a model of the combined sales and marketing funnel.
  • Long-term forecasting to discover potential revenue streams in the future.
  • Carry out Industry benchmarking, to improve plans and strategies.

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