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Improve Your Email Subjects Lines With These 9 Tools

Do you find it difficult to persuade prospects to open your emails? Some people find it hard to write smart, funny, clickable subject lines, which is where subject line testing tools may help.

Check for spam triggers, receive tips on how to make your subject lines more emotional, and get an overall rating on how clickable your emails are.

In this post, we’ll go through tools to improve your email subject lines for greater clickability and deliverability, so you can receive more responses from more prospects.

1) Lavender

Lavender is an email assistant that helps you write better emails faster. It compares your email against millions of successful sales emails. Then, it suggests new sentences and ways to make your email more impactful.

Price: Free, Personal Pro & Unlimited


This application does not mince words. Get an overall score for your subject line, as well as information on where and why you lost points (for example, “does not have a feeling of urgency” -15 points), as well as suggestions on how to improve it.

Price: Free

3) TestSubject by Zurb

TestSubject is a simple tool for testing how your email subject line and sender name look on the most popular mobile devices and email clients. Just copy and paste your text and you’ll get instant previews. Test before you send for more peace of mind.

Price: Free

4) Spam Check by Postmark

Have you ever wished to process the spam score of incoming or outgoing email messages? You can now utilize Spam Check to quickly add spam score processing into your drafts.

Price: Free

5) Email Subject Line Grader by Net Atlantic

Get an overall numerical score for how interesting your subject line is, as well as tips for how to improve it. You’ll also discover how close your character and word count are to the optimal length (50-65 characters or six-to-seven words).

Also, see how your word combination and balance stack up. Do you want a bit more passion, action, or power? Subject Line Grader tells it like it is.

Price: Free

6) Headline Analyzer by The Advanced Marketing Institute

Based on unique analytic technology created by Advanced Marketing Institute, this free tool will evaluate your headline to establish the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. As you are aware, contacting your consumers on a deep and emotional level is critical to good copywriting, and your headline is without a doubt the most crucial piece of text you employ to reach prospects.

Price: Free

7) Email Subject Line Analyzer by Attrock

This tool will evaluate your subject lines and make helpful suggestions for enhancing them to improve email openings and clicks. The Email Subject Line Analyzer evaluates and scores your subject line based on its clickability. It also assists you in optimizing the length and emotional appeal of your subject line to enhance clicks.

Price: Free

8) ISnotSPAM

Send an email to the address shown on their webpage to obtain a detailed spam report in response. This tool detects words or phrases in your subject line and email body that is likely to trigger spam filters. It also ensures that your ID is clean and recommends solutions to any spam-related difficulties that occur.

Price: Free

9) Hemingway APP

This service can help you alter the body of an email. Copy and paste your follow-up email into this tool to obtain an overall readability rating, see where you’ve used passive voice, how many adverbs you have, and which phrases are difficult to understand.

Remember that Radix provides you with +150 KPIs that will back up your subject lines whenever you need them. Create your free account in less than 5 minutes to start analyzing your SaaS or eCommerce here.

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