Radix Unit Economics

Analyze Your Unit Economics With Radix

Here at Radix, we take our customers’ feedback very seriously.

Therefore, we are constantly asking for suggestions and ideas on how to improve our data analytics platform to give you better tools to grow your online business. 

1) New Home Dashboard – Unit Economics: 

As a result, we redesigned our Home Dashboard to improve our UX/UI.

We created a new dashboard to give you a quick snapshot of your business health by highlighting the most critical unit economics. 

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): 
    • Please read about how we calculate MRR.
  • Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) 
  • MRR Growth Rate %
  • Churned Revenue
  • Churn Rate % 
  • ARPU 
  • Existing Customers
  • New Trials
  • More.

Unit Economics

2) Customer Dashboard:

We have also redesigned the customer dashboard to give you detailed information on unit economics about a specific customer or group of customers.  

Information to highlight: 

  • All Customers: 
    • Identify your Top 100 customers based on the Lifetime Revenue.
  • One-time Customers:
    • If you are running an eCommerce business, then you will find this sub-dashboard helpful to grow your subscription model.
    • Turn your one-time customers into recurring subscriptions.
  • Type of Customers:
    • Track one-time and recurring customers separately and combined.


Radix - Customer Overview

3) Subscription Dashboard

To support founders and executives running subscription-based businesses, we have designed the perfect environment with tools to help them grow their MRR and reduce churn rate % month over month. 

These tasks will be completed successfully: 

  • Real-time analysis of your MRR and ARR. 
  • Improve your collection rate by tracking uncollected subscriptions. 
  • Identify trends in your churn rate. 
  • Reduce churn by identifying delinquent customers. 
  • Monitor your free trials to make sure you convert them to paying customers. 


Radix - Subscriptions


4) Don’t forget to download our app:


Manfred Tijerino
Manfred Tijerino
Founder & CEO of Radix Haven, the software that helps SaaS and eCommerce to grow revenue by providing real-time analysis and tools to improve over +100 business KPIs. Before Radix Haven, Manfred was the Chief Data Scientist for a Virginia-based Online Marketing Agency, and more than ten years in the tech industry.