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How to Win Back Your Lost Trial Leads

If you thought one of the hardest parts about SaaS was generating leads, think again. Increasing acquisition still counts for a lot but retaining them is just as important. Most companies have a high churn rate, which is why customer retention is the key to business success. Keep reading to learn how to boost winback trial rate!

Winback emails are intended to reawaken previous users and customers, but they frequently fail to connect with and feel relevant to their receivers. It’s a hard situation since you are reaching out to individuals who have lately indicated that they don’t like you or want to stay with you. But that’s no excuse to abandon those relationships or risk losing the value and trust you’ve worked so hard to establish along the road.

So, how can you get in touch again without coming out as selfish or desperate? You must consider who you are attempting to motivate and what they expect to benefit. And it’s not always easy to reengage trial users for SaaS and subscription services.

What Should a Winback Trial Email Contain?

All winback emails should have a compelling incentive for the reader. However, because people aren’t making one-time purchases, the most traditional approach of delivering a discount or special deal isn’t necessarily a good fit for SaaS or subscription-based businesses.

Winback emails are important for businesses because it’s how you can re-capture your previous customers. The best way to do this is by not spamming your customers. Winback email campaigns must be done with care and the most important part of this is the content of these emails. Don’t underestimate its importance.

These are some strategies to boost winback trial customer

  • Subscribers might be attracted by your subject lines.

A clever winback email subject line might help you hook your customers and persuade them to listen to you.

Many businesses have found success by employing words such as “We miss you,” “Come back,” or “It’s been a while”—anything to personalize the message and pretend your company is speaking directly to the client.

Winback emails with subject lines like “It’s been a while” had an average open rate of 27%.

We miss You” had an average open rate of 24%.

 Emails with the word “Discount” in the subject line had an average open rate of 20%.

  • Experiment with multiple emails.

Choosing how many emails to send is one of the most difficult aspects of a winback campaign. You could send a single winback email, but there’s a risk the receiver will miss it or choose not to open it, especially if they haven’t opened one of your emails in months.

That’s why many marketers experiment with an email series—two or more winback emails separated by time delays—to enhance the likelihood that the receiver will open, interact, and, perhaps, make their next purchase.

You’ll want to be cautious because you’re sending to unengaged subscribers. You risk damaging your sending reputation if you send too many emails, especially if receivers unsubscribe or flag your message as spam.

Tips for determining the number of emails to include:

  1. Send 2-5 emails to get the most out of your winback series without jeopardizing your sending reputation.
  2. Consider segmenting your series of winback campaigns. For example, you might send a single email to any inactive subscribers, then follow up with a second and potentially third email to those who have yet to make a purchase.
  3. If you see a decline in revenue per recipient after the first winback email, it’s a solid indication that you should reduce the number of emails you send.
  • Include appealing content to increase winback trial rate

The purpose of your winback emails is to persuade an inactive subscriber to return to your website and make a purchase, which means you must include interest information if you want your subscriber to stop scrolling.

  1. Offering a discount or other incentive, such as free delivery, is a typical technique to catch a customer’s attention. Experiment with the timing of this offer and consider including it later in your series if your customer does not require persuading to buy.
  2. Alternatively, instead of offering a discount, focus on content by showcasing top sellers, new products, and testimonials to persuade buyers to return to your store.
  3. Use this chance to resolve any possible problems by educating customers on how to get the most out of your products, explaining how to contact customer support, or requesting feedback.

Keep in mind that, while winbacks might be a fantastic engagement tool, your customer may have already moved on. And sometimes, even if you love something, you must let it go.

If a subscriber waits through a entire winback series without purchasing or engaging, try sending a final message with the opportunity to unsubscribe to keep your email list clean.


Now it’s your turn! What strategies have you used to re-engage leads or unconverted trial users?

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