5 Tips to Drive More SaaS Website Sign-Ups

The SaaS conversion rate is abysmally low. According to experts, industries with a low conversion rate have an average of only 3.94% of visitors converting into leads.   While we can’t control the ocean of traffic that floods our websites every day, we can manipulate the way visitors perceive our products and services. There are some ways to drive more SaaS sign-ups through your website. Keep reading to learn more abour SaaS Website Sign Up!

Here are 5 practices to attract more sign-ups to your SaaS website to make your lead generation life easier.

1) Offer Incentives

Let’s start with a tried-and-true growth hack: offer an appealing incentive for people to join up for your free trial.

Offering a complimentary resource, such as an eBook, whitepaper, or package of templates, might be enough. It might also be something more sophisticated, such as access to a private email course or a brief Skype consultation.

If the gated information you’re offering is both relevant and interesting, it can help you increase your sign-ups significantly. So, if you haven’t already, put money into building a fun gated resource that wants to be accessed.

2) Make Your Sign-Up Form As Simple As Possible

It’s all about lowering friction as much as possible. If your free trial sign-up form includes too many fields, visitors may be hesitant to complete it. Even if you only require your visitors to complete four fields to complete their sign-up, they may see it as a time-consuming activity.

Sometimes less is more. A great example of this is with your sign-up form. While it can be tempting to include every possible field you can think of, you’re only going to confuse and deter visitors from signing up. It’s better to have a simple ask that results in a high conversion rate than a bulky form designed to house every possible data point.

3) Social Proof: Show That Multiples Companies Are Using Your Product

If you can demonstrate that a large number of businesses are using and enjoying your product, you may expect a flood of sign-ups.

No matter what industry you’re in, one thing is for sure: social proof will improve your conversion rates. Why? Because people are naturally influenced by what others are doing. Humans have a desire to conform, and if we can see that others are already using your product or service, this makes the buyer feel more comfortable about getting your product.

But, at least for now, that isn’t the case for your company. Because you don’t have many customers yet as a startup (whether it’s SaaS or eCommerce), demonstrating outstanding social proof that’s strong in numbers might be difficult.

Rather than bragging about statistics, focus on obtaining real, well-worded testimonials and product reviews from your most loyal customers. Don’t know where to begin? Just ask them; they won’t bite.

Additionally, attempt to get included in respectable newspapers and relevant online magazines that your target audience respects, then display their logos prominently on your landing page (and across the website) for all to see.

Knowing they’re in an excellent company can be enough to persuade your visitors to sign up for your free trial.

4) Reduce Friction By Not Requesting Payment Info in your SaaS Website

Unfortunately, the Internet is a shady place. And as we all know, there is no such thing as a free.

As a result, even if you guarantee that signing up is free and without commitment, people will be skeptical of your offer.

However, some things are truly free, such as the free trial version of your software. It is your responsibility to persuade your prospects of this truth.

While writing clear copy along the lines of “Sign up for a free trial. No commitment, cancel anytime” can work well, people still get skeptical when they have to share their payment information.

So, how can you make it explicit that they will not be charged? Here’s an idea: why not allow users to join without having to provide their credit card information?

When SaaS companies don’t ask for credit card information, sign-up conversion increases 400%, from 2% to 10%, according to research. As a result, this is a sure-fire technique to increase sign-ups.

SaaS Website sign ups no credit card

5) Show What Occurs Once They’ve Signed Up

Visitors will want to know what your product can accomplish for them, even if they’re only signing up for a free trial. They want to know why taking the effort to fill out those sign-up fields is better than going to a competitor’s website.

As a result, provide your visitors a clear picture of what they’ll get if they sign up for the free trial. Instead of outlining your product’s characteristics, focus on its advantages and unique value proposition.

Produce a brief product explainer clip or animated screenshots in the form of auto-playing GIFs to highlight the potential of your product and demonstrate its many use cases, if possible. If that isn’t an option, standard high-quality pictures and images will do.

The goal is for your visitors to be able to see if your product is a good fit for their needs. Also, after they realize how user-friendly and simple your product is, they may be compelled to join up so they can try it out for themselves.

SaaS Website sign ups tutorial

Over to You: Improve your SaaS Website Sign-Ups

Now that you’ve learned these five tried-and-true strategies, it’s time to put them into action. Start by giving your visitors more sign-up incentives, streamlining your sign-up form, and eliminating the payment gateway.

As you progress, you’ll be able to contribute more and more social proof in the form of customer reviews and press mentions.

That’s how your SaaS company will grow!

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