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Stripe and Radix: Boost Your Revenue Analysis

Revenue Analysis is a methodical way to calculate profit and use two basic types of data: historical-actual transactions, and historically recorded revenues.

Using available data, we can estimate future margins and project their effects on your company.

Radix platform helps you understand what factors affect revenue and pinpoint areas where you should focus your attention to continue growing revenue. 

Here are some features that will help your SaaS or eCommerce business boost revenue.

1) Radix Unit Economist for Stripe

Analyze 14 Unit Economics To Have A Quick Look At Your Business Performance:

  • MRR
  • ARR
  • LTR
  • ARPU 
  • Churn 

Unit Economics is a statistical way to describe the performance of a business in terms of economic metrics, i.e., revenue, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, churn, etc.

Radix is a simple and highly customizable software to analyze your unit economics based on the type of metrics you can use. It will help you determine if your subscription business model is profitable or not based on 14 standard metrics along with custom metrics.

Stripe and Radix

2) Customers

Track Recurring And One-Time Customers And Top 100 Customers Based On LTR With Radix

Understand the Lifetime Revenue (LTR) of a customer and groups of customers. This is crucial for strategic decisions on how much to charge, what products to develop, how to allocate resources, etc. The longer the customer stays around the more money the company makes with that customer. A group of customers with a long LTR can help offset short-term sales declines from other parts of your business.

This report can be used to provide valuable insights into your customers. Are there areas where you need to improve? What features or products are appealing or not appealing to them? Could your sales increase by offering a new product that might appeal to your most and least loyal customers?

Stripe and Radix

3) Products Dashboard for Stripe Data

Keep On Track Your Best-Selling Products.

In Radix, you can organize your SaaS or eCommerce as well as keep track of some of its best-selling products. You can use the platform to identify trends in the products purchased, as well as understand if certain products from your catalog are purchased more frequently than others.

Track your best-selling products with Radix. Turn your Stripe data into insightful charts and beautiful business dashboards. You can now gain intelligence about your business and make better decisions for the future.

Stripe and Radix

4) Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Analyze Your MRR, ARR, and MRR Growth Rate % By Month, Quarter, And Year.

Radix is a SaaS platform specifically designed for business owners with recurring billing models, such as those in the subscription and e-commerce industries.

Our platform lets you analyze your MRR, ARR, and MRR Growth Rate % by Month, Quarter, and Year. MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) represents how many dollars of subscriptions or other recurring revenue you generated in a single month. Also, we let you know how your business is doing day-by-day so that you can identify when to take action and boost your sales.

Revenue Analysis

6) Churn Performance

Analyze Your Overall Churn Performance.

Radix provides a central view of how users engage and their overall churn performance for all of your SaaS products. This cohesive SaaS analytics platform tracks product usage, user behavior, and quality of each engagement at scale, across all applications within the Radix network.

Radix’s churn dashboard helps you to visualize your customer lifecycle. By displaying many reports, you can plot certain metrics over others and identify patterns and trends in your Stripe data. The Lifetime Value report shows a bar graph of churned vs retained clients at time intervals over their customer life. The Churn performance report focuses on the status of your churned clients and displays summary statistics of the actions performed against them in the last month to help determine their likelihood for renewal.

7) Collection Performance

Keep On Track Your Uncollected Subscriptions.

Radix is a quick, easy, and accurate way to manage your subscriptions – track uncollected invoices and notify clients of overdue amounts.

Using Radix for your subscriptions allows you to Do more with less. It helps you manage your subscriptions, inventory and customers by consolidating them into a single view. It also provides powerful analytical insights through real-time insight reports. Read more of collection here

Don’t let your subscriptions fall behind. Sign in or create an account with your email address to easily keep track of how much you’ve paid each month as well as how many issues you still have to collect.

Revenue Analysis

8) Forecast

Forecast Your Revenue.

Forecasting is a core activity for many businesses. Whether your business already uses forecasting or you are just beginning to implement forecasting into your business processes, Radix can help you save valuable time and make accurate predictions.

Radix’s forecasting tool is built to take the complication out of sales forecasts. From our cloud-based dashboard, you can enter estimates and as you get data from within your company, you will begin to see accurate projections of revenue.

Revenue Analysis

Boost Your Revenue Analysis Today.

Radix enables you to slice and dice your daily, weekly and monthly revenue. Therefore, using Radix to visualize your monthly Stripe data is a great way to identify trends and patterns in your business so you can make data-driven decisions.

Overall, Radix provides an easy to use and powerful solution for your data analysis needs. Whether you are just beginning your data analysis journey or are a seasoned veteran, Radix can provide solutions that allow you to quickly get to work and improve your bottom line.

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