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Stripe is a fantastic payment platform with a great developer-friendly API. It’s also one of the best out there in terms of customer support, security standards, and fraud prevention. But what about analytics? There are plenty of tools out there that will give you some basic insights into your Stripe data, but none of them offer anything as powerful as Radix does! With Radix, you can query all your Stripe data without having to export or set up a data warehouse—you just get access to all your information in real-time. And with it being so easy to use, you’ll find yourself using it more than any other tool out there for getting actionable insights from your payments data.

With Radix, you get access to all your Stripe analytics in real time. Our platform is a cloud-based analytics platform that makes it easy to understand your data and take action. It’s fast, scalable.

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The Best Stripe Analytics Platform at the Best Prices

Radix makes analytics a breeze. It integrates seamlessly with Stripe and provides real-time insights into the performance of your business.

  • Radix is easy to use, whether you’re logging on from a PC or mobile device: You’ll see the same reports as in our web application—but now they are available anywhere.
  • Radix is fast: Our servers process millions of transactions per second (1Tbps). That means you get real-time insights into how customers interact with your products or services as they happen—not days later when they’ve been processed by another service provider! Plus we offer pay-as-you-go pricing so there’s no contract commitment needed either; just start using our service today!
  • Radix scales easily: We’ve engineered this product from day one so that it works seamlessly across all major browsers including iOS & Android devices while also supporting all popular operating systems like Windows 7/10/8+ Mac OS X 10+. This means no matter where someone accesses their account information through any type of device like laptop computers desktop computers tablets phones etcetera . . .

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Radix: A More Intelligent Stripe API

Radix’s primary mission is to be one of the best and most accessible data analytics platforms in the market. But, we also want to design an end-to-end ecosystem that makes you more productive and provides you with the features and tools to make better business decisions through real-time actionable insights to increase your revenue.

The only thing you need to do to integrate your Stripe account with Radix is to follow the instructions indicated within our product. It’s worth noting that you don’t need an API to do this (unlike some competitors). In less than 10 minutes, your data will be synced and secured.

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What Stripe Analytics can you track with Radix?

  • MRR
  • ARR
  • MRR – Growth Rate
  • Existing Customers
  • One Time Customers
  • New Customers
  • Average Revenue Per Customer
  • Average Revenue Per Subscription
  • Total Revenue
  • PayPal Fees
  • Net Revenue
  • Refunds
  • Failed Payments
  • Revenue Heatmap and More

Hey! you can combine all of your Stripe accounts and have  your revenue metrics in one single dashboard

Also, the Radix team is excited to announce our new feature: The Blend. What is The Blend you ask? It is a programmable panel that allows you to quickly and easily combine all of your Stripe accounts into one unified dashboard and report on them in one place.

This new feature allows you to combine all of your Stripe accounts into one dashboard and see an aggregated view of your revenue metrics.

You will be able to  see how your revenue is performing across all of your Stripe accounts in real-time. You can also set goals, monitor progress against these goals, and analyze trends over time. The new feature is currently in beta testing and will be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.

stripe blend

Furthermore, our platform has an outstanding feature that allows you to forecast and simulate your MRR in order to create more accurate estimations in different scenarios. We take the Stripe API to the next level.

Radix can help you track, grow, and analyze your Stripe revenue data.

Radix is the best option when you need to move beyond the basics of Stripe and get detailed analytics about your operations. Whether you’re a small business or enterprise, you’ll want to take advantage of everything that our platform has to offer.

Get Started:

  • Create your free account in less than 5 min.
  • Perfect for Saas and eCommerce.
  • Free for businesses under $10K in Gross Revenue (Monthly).
  • Starting price at $199/mo

Create your free account here.

Radix: The best PayPal Analytics Tool in the Market

  • Access to 150+ KPIs to improve your online business performance.
  • Forecast your revenue.
  • Track your MRR and Subscriptions.
  • Reduce your churn.
  • All your revenue data in one single place (No more Excel sheets).

Connect your Stripe account:

  • Synchronize your Stripe account in a secure and easy way.
  • The synchronization process takes between 10 to 30 mins.
  • We are following all the requirements listed by Stripe. We are a verified Stripe Partner.

Note: You can read about our integration process here.

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For 14 days, you may use your Stripe account to try Radix for free. After that, our pricing is based on your company’s MRR.

Start your free trial today, or contact a member of our team with any queries!

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