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Have you ever wanted real-time eCommerce dashboards and information straight to your laptop or cell phone, wherever in the world you may be? Being told exactly what’s selling, in which locations and what revenue you are making. Well, that’s no longer a dream.

Radix is a data-based revenue platform, providing real-time revenue insights. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Radix turns business data into powerful predictive analytics and automated workflow.

How Does Radix Create 100% accurate eCommerce Dashboards?

Get started for free by creating an account in less than 2 mins.

  • Easy & secure integration with PayPal & Stripe.
  • To retrieve historical data, the integration process is automatic, and it could take up to one hour.
  • Upon completion of the integration process, the revenue data will be updated every 30 minutes for Stripe and every
  • 4 hours for PayPal.

eCommerce Dashboards

How does Radix Pricing work?

Radix uses a monthly subscription model, which you can cancel at any time.

  • Free of charge for businesses under $10k MRR/Gross Revenue.
  • No contract & no cancellation fees.

More about pricing here.

eCommerce Dashboards

How Do We Protect your Data?

No employee at Radix will have access to your revenue data or perform actions on your business’ behalf.

  • We Encrypt your account credentials from end to end.
  • We are following all the security requirements listed by PayPal & Stripe.
  • You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

Radix products

Does Radix Have a Mobile App?

 Yes, it does!

Stay organized and focused even where you are not in your office. Keep on track your MRR, Churn, Best-selling products/services in real-time.

  • 40+ KPIs
  • 15 Smart Notifications

PayPal Mobile App

Is it Possible to combine PayPal and Stripe Revenue Data in one single dashboard?

This is one of the most requested feature from our customers; The Blend. But, what is the blend? It simple words you can combine multiple PayPal and Stripe accounts in one-single dashboard to track, analyze, and grow your revenue metrics aggregated.

Keeping your payments, customers, and subscriptions organized with Radix’s new feature will save you countless hours of time in spreadsheets.

Read More Here !

PayPal Blend


For many eCommerce companies, real time data is a key part of the process for decision making. Whether it’s product performance, consumer trends, or anything in between, being able to monitor these indicators in real-time can be invaluable. And if enough businesses catch-on to the power of real-time functionality, it could rewrite the standard for online business tools as we know it.

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