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Building SaaS Community | Some of the Greatest Benefits

Growing your SaaS community is hard. Building a community of users who believe what you believe, buy what you want to sell, and tell their friend is the secret sauce to making your startup’s growth unstoppable.

Company growth isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. It depends on factors like your target market and which stage your company is at in its growth cycle. In some cases, the best way to grow a SaaS company is by building a strong community around it.

Having a community of people around your SaaS company is a great thing. They give you feedback, evangelize your product, and can even help you get initial customers to buy. To create and grow a community, however, isn’t easy and it takes time.

SaaS Community

Benefits Of Building A Solid Saas Community

The benefits of having a strong and supportive community shouldn’t be understated. Built right, a thriving and engaged community around your product or service can help you grow your SaaS company’s sales and revenues.

Up next I will mention a few:

  1. Customer service improves when each user is instantly answering questions to another user or potential new customer.

The omnichannel experience is critical for a SaaS business, and online communities can assist you in making it smooth. Your customer service representatives can step in to address queries that will benefit the whole community, not just the initial poster. Customer service will be more efficient, subscribers will be happier, and your agents will have a lot fewer queries to deal with.

  1. Peer Assistance Increases Satisfaction and Reduces Support Costs

A strong online community based on your business becomes the first place subscribers and potential customers go to ask questions. Even if you have a dedicated support person for this community, other subscribers will frequently step in to answer.

People like sharing their knowledge on the internet. As a result, they will do so whenever they can assist a peer in resolving a problem or better using your SaaS offering. They will often perform a better job than your support representatives because they have conquered the identical problem.

  1.  You may use online communities to make quick and easy upsells.

You have a 70% probability of selling to someone who has already purchased from you. As a result, upselling and cross-selling are easier and much cheaper when you have a community

This is what happens: a community member discusses a specific feature in their plan, then other users notice that they haven’t seen this on their dashboard. Why? It’s because they’re on a lower plan, as they’ll soon discover. You don’t even have to persuade them of the benefits of a more expensive plan. That will be done for you by the community.

  1. Home-Grown Brand Ambassadors

When someone becomes an active member of a SaaS community, they inadvertently begin to identify with that brand. They have faith in it. They support its progress in the same way that a stockbroker supports its most recent investment.

Your customers care about your brand, and they are more than willing to contribute their knowledge with their peers in an online community.

They will be the ones raising brand awareness without getting paid. Your own “influencers”.

  1. Churn can be reduced with SaaS Community

If you want to reduce churn rates with customers and boost your sales, you can use SaaS community. The reason is that according to recent studies, users are an important part of the customer acquisition and they increase sales by 7x.

Online communities increase retention and keep existing customers satisfied. Remember that Radix helps you reduce churn and boost sales analyzing raw data. Sign up here for free!


We have discussed the benefits of building a solid SaaS community. These benefits are extremely useful for any business that wishes to have a long-lasting relationship with their customers. We are able to create a loyal community if we follow these steps and invite our customers to be a part of our journey with us.

If you want to build a community of SaaS enthusiasts that’ll help create and share content, you have to start with the right foundation. We hope these tips can help

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