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5 Things All Great SaaS Sales People Share

Not every SaaS salesperson is great for the job. SaaS products are expensive and your customers live in a technology-centric society that can often see your product as silly. In other words, you’re going to want to hire the cream of the crop. But how do you know if someone is great or not? And if you aren’t having success how do you fix it? In this article, I will walk you through 5 SaaS sales tips that all the best SaaS sales pros understand.

SaaS Sales

Excellent SaaS Sales Reps Have the Power to Change Your Company

In their day-to-day operations, the top ones are efficient, motivated, effective, and inventive. They have a talent for spotting good prospects, creating a good first impression, and completing deals that appear to be out of reach.

But, before we start, here’s a little recap:

SaaS Sales: What is it?

The process of selling web-based software to clients is known as SaaS sales. SaaS salespeople are primarily concerned with obtaining new customers as well as upselling or maintaining existing ones.

So, what is it about these SaaS salespeople that sets them apart from the competition? What do they know about the business that most salespeople don’t?

Let’s go through the top 5 SaaS sales tips that all of the top professionals know.

  • SaaS sales are fueled by perseverance

One of the first things you learn in sales is to be persistent. The reason is pretty simple. If a customer says they want something, they probably aren’t going to buy it from you if you don’t follow up with them.

Yes, your SaaS product is great and solves your customer’s biggest problems. They need your product. And yet, few will sign up for your product on the first call (or email) or even the second call. Persistence is a key driver of SaaS sales. It’s important to follow up with your potential customers long after the first touch point.

  • A modern sales rep’s best buddy is technology

The emergence of inside sales has been one of the most significant changes in SaaS sales.

Inside sales is the act of discovering, nurturing, and converting leads into customers. While many people believe that this implies cold phoning, SaaS sales agents have access to a variety of technologies that go well beyond the phone. Today, inside sales CRM platforms such as Hubspot can help you keep track of all your sales activities and much more.

The way the greatest sales professionals communicate with prospects, increase productivity, and do other critical activities has evolved as a result of technological innovations.

  • Upselling value to current customers is essential

For any business, the most important customer is their current customer. In other words, a business’s revenue is always directly proportional to the number of current customers they have. The challenge comes when you have to go out and find more new customers because your current one runs dry. This is where upselling value comes in.

Upselling is difficult since it is not always simple to determine when to re-engage and offer something fresh after a relationship has already been built. Furthermore, an existing customer is already aware of your problems and has a judgment on whether or not you are delivering. So, when you’re attempting to upsell, you’re going into the interaction with the previous history and need to show them the product possibilities that they might tap into if they pay you more money.

  • Sales metrics are influenced by marketing metrics

Far too many salespeople believe that sales and marketing should be apart. The top sales representatives not only appreciate their marketing colleagues, but they also understand the role that marketers play in assisting salespeople to achieve success. Marketing has a role at every stage of the sales funnel, from the top of the sales funnel to the content on your blog that helps salespeople nurture a connection.

The most successful SaaS companies realize the value of tracking traffic, trials, conversion rates, and completed sales over time to improve these important metrics. The marketing team maintains this stream of data in most SaaS organizations, and the best salespeople make sure they are included in the conversation. A sales representative may provide information from the ground level to the marketing team, lowering the cost of customer acquisition.

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  • A rising sales team leads to a growing business

Expanding SaaS companies grow their staff by an average of 53% each year, allowing them to scale quickly. The best sales representatives recognize the value of working as part of a team and growing with an organization.

Many salespeople are territorial and dislike the concept of competing with their coworkers. The top sales representatives are excited about the possibility of working as part of a larger team. They do not see their coworkers as rivals, but rather as partners who can assist them in meeting their sales targets and increasing the total value of the company.


If you want to make it as a great SaaS salesperson, then you need to be able to hit quota and acquire customers. And to make those happen, you’re going to need strong sales skills. There are five things that all great SaaS salespeople share. These things aren’t rocket science—but knowing them can help you on your quest to becoming a better SaaS salesperson, and growing your business as a result.

Keep these five things in mind as you develop your own sales strategy, and they’ll put you on the path to becoming a great SaaS sales person.

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